Focus Stunt - Multi control

Focus Stunt is the second version of uAstro multi-control system that comprises a hand full of functions for auto focusing and AF (Astro-Photography) aid.

The 2014 version combines in a single system the control of 2 focusers with temperature compensation, dew heaters (fans, lighs, etc) with variable power and temperature/humidity threshold limits, filter wheel and telescope cap. It interfaces with the external would via Blue Tooth, USB, SPI and UART (COM) and allows the system to be controlled using a PC, Smart Phone, uAstro Key pad, external device (AZetEQ Drive, EQ, etc) ... and also serves as a "hub" do control Synta EQ mounts from a single connection, please see the full list of features and functional diagram below. 

Focus Stunt connections

Connection Description Use
 Motor 1  Stepper motor driver  Focus motor
 Motor 2  Stepper motor drive  Focus motor
 Filter wheel
 Telescope Cap
 Output 1  Mosfet power output  Dew heater
 Output 2   Mosfet power output  Dew heater
 USB  USB type B   USB (V-COM) communication
 ASCOM driver - third part control soft
 Proprietary control software
 SkyWatcher protocol to control mount on AUX port
 EQ-MOD to control mount on AUX port
 Bluetooth  Bluetooth wireless connection  Same functionality as USB
 Andoid App for remote control 
 PAD  Keypad/DRO port  External uAstro keypad with LCD
 AUX  Auxiliary port  Control from AZetEQ Drive / other uAstro devices
 Pass-through to SW mounts
 SENSE  Temperature & humidity
 port for supplied sensor
 Connect the temp/humidity sensor to this port 
 SPI  SPI BUS  Telescope Cap 
 Future use




Technical datasheet
Power supply voltage range:    9V to 14V DC                
 System power consumption:    ~150mA (motors and Output devices not included)
MCU:    32 bits @ 80Mhz
 High power motor drivers:    up to 2A (configurable) per motor
Motor steps:    Full, 1/2 step, 1/4 step and 1/8
Auto motor sleep:    30 secs after last use
Auto Focus position e temp save:    30 secs after last use
 Bluetooth transceiver:    up to 15 meters range 
Temp/humidity sensor range:    humidity 0-100%RH; temperature -40~125Celsius
Temp/humidity update freq:    10 secs (firmware configurable)
 Max Amps per Output:    8A RMS, 20A peek
IO levers on PAD and AUX ports:    TTL
Working ambient temperature range:    -30ºc to +85ºC


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