Money-Back and LifeTime guarantee

We're confident in the quality of the technology that we develop and the work that we put into getting them ready for you to use it, so much that we offer you a comprehensive coverage guarantee.
So, to make it simple, here are the guidelines for the two guarantees:
Money-back guarantee
- Within 30 days after the purchase of the product (invoice date)
- Product must be in "as new" condition, with all the boxes, CDs, manual, cables and other material in perfect NEW condition
- Refund will be issued after we receive and inspect the product
- No refund of the shipping costs 
- No refund of "charges" that you may have payed if you used a credit card or any other means of payment that charged you with third-party costs, Taxes or fees
- No questions asked, but we would like for you to tell us the reason that made you return the product in order for us to improve that same product
- Refund will be made by wire-transfer to your bank account or by Paypal
- Only the person whose name appears on the invoice may claim the refund
Lifetime guarantee
- Applicable to the products developed and manufactured by microAstro (all products with  Brand)
- Applicable to the first buyer, the person whose name appears on the invoice
- Covers hardware malfunction due to errors in design or construction
- Covers product firmware not functioning as announced or firmware "bugs"
- Covers shipping costs
- Does not cover firmware upgrades (this can be done by the user without the need of intervention from microAstro)
- Does not cover hardware malfunction due to external factors like mishandling, improper use of power supply, exceeding the mechanical or electrical working limits, damage by falls or impacts, water or other liquid contamination, exposure to temperatures outside of the announced working limits, etc.

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