Open-ARO Components


The system is compose of multiple modules (boards) that are properly connected together. The final assembly is held on a PVC IP65 Protection Electrical Box that can withstand exterior installation.

Open-ARO components




 MCU Board

This is the brains of the system, it contains the firmware (software that runs in the MCU), and all the related hardware (Ethernet layer, mass storage for the Web Server e user data, etc)
The MCU board is based on a 32bit ARM core offering a 462 DMIPS processing power.

 Integration Board This is the board layer that connects the MCU IO pins to the outside components, the MCU board sites under this board.
Ups controller  This module serves as UPS control using the 13V/14V input from the switching power supply, it is connected to the backup battery and manages the battery charge and instantaneous commutation from mains power to battery power in case of need, insuring a permanent 12V output for all the system essential modules.  
Backup link Optional module that serves as backup communication via GSM network using a regular SIM card to access any GSM operator.
Current sensor Senses the roof motor current to avoid roof stall and motor overheating  
Module RS232 Permits long distance connections between the Integration board and the Weather station/Cloud detector  
Step down module Converts 12V to 5V and 4,5V to power several components
switching supply 12v 33Amps Main 12V power supply
8 relay board Main system relays for local applications like lights, IP camera power, dehumidifier, fan, etc.   
Power relays   Roof motor high power relays, 3 units.  
Limit Switch

This Limit Switch (2 units) serves as sensor for detecting roof position.

 IP camera Optional IP camera to visually monitor observatory activity  
Battery 12V backup battery with at least 17Ah capacity, a larger capacity deep cycle battery is preferred.