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We are committed to protecting the privacy of our costumers. Therefore, all the info given to us are used, exclusively, to facilitate and personalize the service we provide you. We do not sell, rent or share your personal info with third parties.

Below, you can read our Privacy Policy and know how your info is collected, used, and how you can allow us, or not, to send you promotional material.

Information Gathering
Personal data provided by you is important for us to know you better and offer you adequate services, products and information. This information is stored in our database enabling a better relationship with our customers. The information is only used by us and is intended to facilitate your future purchases and site navigation.
In the process of buying any product, we ask for some personal details (name, address, city, etc.) that are required for your personal identification and so we can finalize your order. In cases of credit card purchases, some information may be confirmed with the authorities or administrators of the cards or with the actual cardholder by phone. We will never request your card number.

Use of Information
We do not disclose or sell your personal information. We understand that this information has been provided by the trust in our company and that we will return the same respect.
Your information is only used by us for purposes such as checking the request, facilitate order fulfillment, make profile analysis and statistics, enhancing the operations of the site and content delivery, communications, promotional materials and information that you can unsubscribe at any time.

Registration and Receipt of promotional material
The registration of your e-mail will be used to disseminate information, promotions and postings, once authorized by you. At any time, you can opt out of receiving such information. Simply send an email or make the change on the "My Account" link.
The registration does not create any contractual relationship with the company. It serves so you can access our services and get a special treatment.

What are Cookies and what are they used for?
Cookies are small data files transferred from a web site to the hard drive of your computer. We may use cookies to identify you if returning to navigate our site. For example, while visiting our site, you chose a product and put it in your shopping cart. The connection was broken and you want to make the purchase you had started. If cookies were not used, would have to log in again and start the whole process. In this case, we store your shopping cart for a period of 24 hours. Our cookies do not contain personal information such as name, address, credit card and other information deemed confidential.

Can I not use cookies?
The web browsers allow you to erase existing cookies on your computer, block their use, or can tell you if a cookie is saved on your hard drive. This is a personal choice. If you choose to block cookies, you can not register on our site or make purchases, and not rely on the benefits these small files can offer.

Your information is stored on secure computers in order to be kept inaccessible by others. To ensure your privacy and security, do not divulge your password to third parties. To learn more about safety read the text ab.

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy, should the need arise, but we promise to disclose, in the same space, any changes. Questions and Suggestions For questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact via the Contact Us link.

uAstro (c) 2014

About Us

  is a registered company in the EU that strives to develop and commercialize high tech products for the amateur astronomical community.

The microAstro "project" is the synergy of several partners that together have more than 100 year in expertise on the fields of Robotics, Embedded Systems, Computer Science , Astronautics and Astronomy. Our development center is located in Darmstadt (Germany) and our production center is in Leiria (Portugal).

Company vision
Our goal is to offer, and keep, "fair" prices and we only offer those products that we develop, and those that we feel comfortable using them ourselves.

Pushing the technology to the limit is not only putting several great pieces of hardware together, sometimes the missing key factor is a really good "piece" of firmware to bring out the full power, we put a great deal of effort on the firmware and software development that make part of our projects, that is why microAstro is a multidisciplinary team. 

One of our major commitments is to the "fulfillment" of the technology that we develop, no one should have to "get stuck" with a piece of equipment that is not up to their expectations, that is why the "money-back" and "lifetime" Guarantees are so important.

microAstro business is based on the Direct Sales model.  Direct sales ensures that you get the best value for your money, and above all Direct Sales gives the ability to build and manage strong personal relationships with our customers. This allows us to better understand and adapt to the needs of our customers and to get feedback from them to evaluate the effectiveness and tailor our products.

You can contact us anytime, if you have any questions, any suggestions ... please do let us know, feedback is the most effective way to make our products work better for you, and in consequence work better for us to. 

 (c) 2014

Money-Back and LifeTime guarantee

We're confident in the quality of the technology that we develop and the work that we put into getting them ready for you to use it, so much that we offer you a comprehensive coverage guarantee.
So, to make it simple, here are the guidelines for the two guarantees:
Money-back guarantee
- Within 30 days after the purchase of the product (invoice date)
- Product must be in "as new" condition, with all the boxes, CDs, manual, cables and other material in perfect NEW condition
- Refund will be issued after we receive and inspect the product
- No refund of the shipping costs 
- No refund of "charges" that you may have payed if you used a credit card or any other means of payment that charged you with third-party costs, Taxes or fees
- No questions asked, but we would like for you to tell us the reason that made you return the product in order for us to improve that same product
- Refund will be made by wire-transfer to your bank account or by Paypal
- Only the person whose name appears on the invoice may claim the refund
Lifetime guarantee
- Applicable to the products developed and manufactured by microAstro (all products with  Brand)
- Applicable to the first buyer, the person whose name appears on the invoice
- Covers hardware malfunction due to errors in design or construction
- Covers product firmware not functioning as announced or firmware "bugs"
- Covers shipping costs
- Does not cover firmware upgrades (this can be done by the user without the need of intervention from microAstro)
- Does not cover hardware malfunction due to external factors like mishandling, improper use of power supply, exceeding the mechanical or electrical working limits, damage by falls or impacts, water or other liquid contamination, exposure to temperatures outside of the announced working limits, etc.

(c) 2014

Sales, Shipping & Returns

Sales policy 
Our business is based on the Direct Sales model. Direct sales ensures that you get the best value for your money, and above all Direct Sales gives the ability to build and manage strong personal relationships with our customers. This allows us to better understand and adapt to the needs of our customers and to get feedback from them to evaluate the effectiveness and tailor our products.
Having also a significant degree of control over pricing and distribution, Direct Sales results in a greater capability to offer competitively priced products.

 We ship worldwide

We accept orders from all over the world. Our orders are shipped and delivered on business days (Monday through Friday, excluding local/destination holidays). Our standard shipping carrier is UPS. Standard Shipping Charges apply when not explicitly stated that shipping is included or is offered. Our online shopping cart automatically calculates the shipping cost when these are applied.

If you have any special shipping requests and/or would like to use a different carrier please feel free to contact us

Our Return policy is included on our Money-back and Lifetime guarantee.

  (c) 2014